Cast Material:

Aluminium alloy grades acc. to standard CSN EN 1706: AlSi12, AlSi12Cu, AlSi10MgMn, AlSi10CuMn, AlSi9Cu3, AlSi7Mg0,3, AlMg5(Si).

Other grades are provided on request.

Production Technology and Development:

Our castings are made using gravity casting technology including the use of sand cores.

Launching new production units based on the low-pressure technology is the next step to meet the needs of our demanding customers.

Technical developement:

We provide a complete technical development and preparation of production, in common with our customers we design their castings in a view of its feasibility, which is highly appreciated by our clients. Construction of instruments including its production and putting them into serial production is just another part of our services.

ALUMETALL CZ offers professional know-how for possible co-operation as follows:

Development of new products to customer request
Determination of optimum casting technology
Solution for the production of say 'problematic' castings
Solution for the production of casting moulds
Solution for the production of special tools and equipment for casting procedure

Heat Treatment:

We provide a complete heat treatment according to the standard T6, others according to customer requirements.

Casting Weight Range:

We are able to produce castings from 0.1 kg up to 30 kg/pc.

Mechanical Machining:

Affiliate Metalik s.r.o. has in use 22 CNC machines. For final surface treatment we apply colour anodising, chrome and powder coating.

On customer request we provide assembly